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For those who have lost the love of their heart
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Membership in this community is only open to widows or widowers. A widow is defined as anyone (male/female, gay/straight) who has lost their spouse, fiancé, boyfriend/girlfriend, even if he/she was an ex. While we appreciate caring individuals, we want this community to be widows only! Membership and posts are not moderated because we do not want to delay any help one may receive from other widows. Please note: posts made by non-widows will be deleted.

We're young widows, but there is no age limit. Young is a state of mind. If your time with your signifcant other wasn't long enough and you were robbed of years together with the love of your heart, please join and help each other heal.

This community was created for young widows/widowers to share their grief, their lives - to include happy and sad news. We're here to offer each other support throughout our grief process and to learn from each other's experiences. Discussions about the role that religion plays in this process is not discouraged. Please, however, realize that everyone will have a varying opinion/belief. Surely our views about religion have been affected in some way during our own grief process.

We are here for support for each other through our journey through the grief process. While our personal lives are a part of this process, this community was created specifically for grief. If you would like to share more personal viewpoints or experiences, they would be more appropriate in your personal journal. Posts that are not related to the purpose of the community will be deleted.

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widow/widower: a human being who has suffered and triumphed over one of life's most horrendous tragedies. A person with courage and the heart to go on living and find peace again. A human being with a heart so big that even death can not destroy the love inside of it...it is the definition of love perfected. (from the young widows bulletin board)

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for fast help - see the Young Widows Bulletin Board.

For portable help, grab this book, I'm Grieving as Fast as I can.