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Questions about Grief - young widows

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February 17th, 2010

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04:48 pm - Questions about Grief
I am just a few days short of being a widow for ten months... I've changed my major, from nursing back to social work. I was working toward my BSW before Dan and I got married; and then I switched to nursing just before he got sick. After he passed away, though, I realized that I couldn't keep my major, because there were multiple instances where I ended up bawling and having to excuse myself from class.

So, in one of my classes I'm taking this semester, I've got the chance to do an individual project that could impact a specific group within my community. Of course, I have chosen to target widows and widowers of all ages, and mostly because there is nothing offered in the community that doesn't cost a lot or push you out the door after a month's time... And, with both of those options, they examine more of the clinical aspects of things, whereas I would like to just have a support group where everyone's like close friends.

What I'm getting at here, though, is what you all would want if this opportunity were to arise in your community? What are the things that you have found that you needed more help with, and what were things that you didn't have answers for, or people to point you in the direction for? I want to know all aspects of where things got confusing and hard for you to deal with, so that I can accurately come up with something to encompass a large variety of issues widows and widowers of all ages have to deal with.

Your help would be greatly appreciated; and I would love it if you could get me your answers before the 27th of this month.

Thank you,
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