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Death isn't romantic - young widows

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October 2nd, 2009

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08:05 am - Death isn't romantic
This was posted to an acquaintance's Facebook page on the 2nd anniversary of my husband's death. I really have no idea how to respond to this. If I could have laid down and died, too, I probably would have. I don't really find anything romantic about it, just a lot of pain.

"Just watched Walk the Line while cleaning. Does anybody else think it's romantic that Johnny Cash died 4 months after June? Really, to be that in love with someone that you really cannot go on with out them? I think it's lovely."
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Date:October 8th, 2009 04:43 pm (UTC)
Did they miss the part where they were older? That dying 4 months apart made sense due to their age? I see both sides of the coin-I get why one would think that was romantic since they survived a lot with each other and losing that half was hard, however they were both sick already-so him dying made more Karmic sense, than romantic sense.

A lot of us are not in our eighties. I know I don't want to die to be with my husband again anytime in the near future-although when the time comes, I think he'll be there. I wonder if he'll ever show up at different points in my life, I dream about him-but I know how much life meant to him since his was cut short, so I am living my life span to the fullest not only for myself, but to honor his. Does that make sense?

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